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The Iron Man suit for Word docs.

Professionals who struggle to draft complex documents in Word love Macro's AI-powered Word Editor.
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Version headaches. Clunky. Old technology.Word wasn't built for complex workflows.

First, let us state the important: we LOVE Word. So much so that we made Macro work with Word (DOCX) files. That means that any edits you make in Macro are compatible in Word. Unlike Google Docs, which offers only partial support for DOCX files, Macro is completely compatible with Word. That means that a subset of the team can use Macro, others can continue in Word, and there's no issue.

*So what's wrong with Word for law and finance?*

Well, put simply, Word just wasn't built for long documents (20+ pages) with cross references. Its system for inserting references involves going through three menus. It crashes and takes forever to load long documents. The web version of Word is basically useless when it comes to formatting — try opening a file from Word for Windows in web and watch as it looks completely different! Word also has limited sharing options; co-authoring still seems flakey.

Since Word is a designed general word processor for everyone, it doesn't have features specific to legal and financial docs like defined terms popups, reference checking, fine tuned AI/LLMs for business documents, and a user interface that is tailored for the busy professional.

Word also doesn't match the way contracts usually get negotiated: in a turn-based manner where versions are passed between counter-parties. With Word+Outlook you end up with many versions and dozens of redlines in your inbox. Macro makes it easy to keep track, merge and compare changes in one place.

Modern professionals switch to Macro.
How we compare ⤵️

crashed when handling complex use cases.

“For data-driven work or complex documents, it doesn't offer the same level of granularity.”
Verified Word review on

is purpose-built for long and complex documents.

"Macro makes reviewing complex documents fast and painless."
Fiona McLay, Consultant @ King & Wood Mallesons

is clunky with hard-to-find functionality.

“Word sometimes feels like cutting a chicken with a chainsaw.”
Verified Word review on

is super simple to use, with every function accessible at a click.

"Macro gives you time, when you have no time."
Senior M&A partner, AmLaw Law Firm

requires two separate apps; one for PDF and one for DOCX.

“I cannot believe that in 2023 my firm still has to export Word documents to PDFs, and vice-versa.”
Verified Word review on

is one universal, AI-powered editor for PDF and DOCX.

"When you think there must be a better way... you are probably right."
Oz Benamram, CKIO @ Simpson Thacher

Macro works alongside Word for enhanced writing.

Enhanced writing features
Enhanced reading features (definition pop-ups)
Switch from DOCX to PDF instantly
Insert cross references to terms, sections, etc., by typing @
Merge edits from multiple documents into one
Detects key errors like missing terms, sections, and broken references
AI autocomplete

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Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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“Macro Compare gives you time, when you have no time.”

Senior M&A partner
@ AmLaw 50 Firm

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Switching is easy. Write your next doc in Macro.

Compatible with PDF and DOCX files

Whether you work solely in Macro or back-and-forth with Word or Adobe, edits carry over.

Zero training needed

Users get going with Macro right away thanks to our modern and simple interface.

Advanced security

Macro is proud to be SOC-2 compliant. We have passed security standards for public companies.

Clear benefits

Professionals who use Macro save on average 4 hours per week in documents.

Enhanced privacy

256-bit TLS encryption for secure information transfer.


The app has been purposely built to handle long, complex documents of all sorts, in seconds.